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carhop adult historical roleplaying costume

1960's Carhop
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Abe Lincoln

Addams Family Wednesday

Aladdin (Adult)

Alice in Wonderland (Adult)

Afghani Dress (Miss/Women)

Amazonian Berzerker (Adult)

American Indian (Girls, Misses)

American (North) Indian Brave

American Indian, (TV)

American Shaman Headdress

American Indian Ghost Shirt

Amidala, Padme

Anakin/Darth Dark Side (Adult)

Anakin/Darth Vader (Child)

Anakin (Adult)

Anakin - Padawan (Child)

Ancient Greek Maiden (Child)

Ancient Greek Slave (Miss)

Angel (Miss)

Anna, Frozen

Anne Boleyn

Annie Oakley

Ao Dai

Aphrodite Greek Goddess (Juniors/Miss/Womens)


Arwen - Lord of the Rings(Adult)

Arya Stark

Australian Bush Separates (Adult)

Australian Drovers Coat

Autumn - The Four Seasons (Girl)

Avengers, TV

Baboon (Toddler)

Baby Angel (Infant/Toddler)

Baby Belle (Infant/Toddler)

Baby Candy-Corn (Infant/Toddler)

Baby Cinderella (Infant/Toddler)

Baby Devil (Infant/Toddler)

Baby Dragon (Infant/Toddler)

Baby Elephant (Infant/Toddler)

Baby Layette (circa 1940)

Baby Mouse (Infant/Toddler)

Baby Panda (Infant/Toddler)

Baby Sleeping Beauty (Infant/Toddler)

Baby Tinkerbelle (Infant/Toddler)

Bali Dancer


Ballerina - Tutu (Girl)

Ballgown, circa 1750 (Adult)

Ballgown, circa 1862 (Adult)

Balthazar - The Magi (Adult)

Barbarian Kid (Child)

Barbarian Lord (Adult)

Barbarian Priestess (Adult)

Barbarian Princess (Adult)

Barbarian Warrior (Adult)

Bard - Long tunic (Adult)

Bard - Short tunic (Adult)

Barmaid (Miss/Womens)

Barrow, Clyde

Barton, Clara

Bathing Costume c. 1890 (Juniors/Miss/Womens)


Becky Thacker (Girl)



Belgian Chef

Bellydancer (Adult)

Belly Dancers

Belly Dancer, Samia

Benjamin Franklin, circa 1776

Bess Throckmorton (Miss/Women)

Betsy Ross

Big Game Hunter

Black Canary

Bobby (circa 1890)

Boleyn, Anne

Bolivian Milkmaid

Boone, Daniel

Bo Peep (Adult)

Bo Peep (Child)

Bonnie and Clyde

Boy of 1908 (Child)

Bunny (Child)

Cabaret Dancer

Caberet Performer(Adult)

Caesar (Adult)

Canary, Black

Cancan Dancer (Adult)

Cape, circa 1809 (Men)

Captain Hook (Adult)

Carhop (Girl)

Carhop Fantasy (Adult)

Carmen Miranda (Adult)

Caspar - The Magi (Adult)

Cat (Child)

Cat Costume (Pet)

Catwoman (Adult)

Catwoman, TV

Cavalier (Adult)

Cave Chick (Adult)

Cave Dude (Adult)

Caveman (Adult)

Cavewoman (Adult)

Cavewoman Wig (Adult)

Celtic Lord (Adult)


Cheerleader, Dallas Cowboys (Adult)


Ceongsam Wedding Gown (Miss/Women)

Charles the Fair

Chef (Toddler/Children's)

Chinese Jackets (Adult)

Chorus Line Dancer

Christening Gown, circa 1948 (Infant)

Christmas Caroler (Miss)

Christmas Caroler Overcoat (Misses)

Christmas Caroler (Men)

Christmas Elf

Cinderella (Infant/Toddler)

Civil War Girl (Child)

Civil War Soldier - American Union or Confererate (Adult)

Civil War Uniform - American Union Caped Greatcoat (Adult)

Clanton, Ike

Clara Barton

Clara Bow


Cleopatra wig

Clyde Barrow

Coache Hat, circa 1925

Coat, circa 1920 (Miss/Women)

Cocktail Dress, circa 1948

Cocktail Dress, circa 1952 (Miss/Women)

Cocktail Dress, circa 1957 (Miss/Women)

Cocktail Dress,(2) circa 1957 (Miss/Women)

Coffin Liner Cape (Adult)

Colonial Daydress, circa 1750 (Miss)

Colonial Miss (Adult)

Colonial Traveling Miss (Adult)

Cora Crawley

Constable, circa 1890

Countess of Grantham

Cowardly Lion - Wizard of OZ(Infant/Toddler)

Cowboy (Adult)

Cowboy, Cowgirl (Child)

Cowboy Duster (Adult)

Crockett, Davy

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Danaerys Targaryan

Dancehall Girl (Adult)

Dangerous Liaisons Ballgown (Adult)

Dangerous Liaisons Daydress(Adult)

Daniel Boone

Davy Crockett

Daydress, circa 1850-1870 (Girl)

Daydress, circa 1861 (Miss/Women)

Daydress, circa 1809

Daydress, circa 1864 (Miss)

Daydress, circa 1920 (Miss)

Daydress, circa 1925 (Miss)

Daydress, circa 1939 (Miss)

Daydress, circa 1940 (Miss/Women)

Daydress, Miss Chic circa 1940 (Miss)

Daydress, circa 1946 (Miss)

Daydress, circa 1947 (Miss)

Daydress, circa 1951

Daydress, circa 1953 (Miss)

Daydress, circa 1954 (Miss/Women)

Daydress, circa 1957 (Miss/Women)

Daydress, circa 1960 (Miss/Women)

Demeter Greek Goddess (Juniors/Miss/Womens)

Devil (Child)

Dickensian Miss

Dirndl (Miss)

Dog Costume (Pet)

Dorothy Lamour Sarong (Miss)

Dorothy - Wizard of OZ(Infant/Toddler)

Dory - The Forgetful Fish

Dothraki Khalesi

Douillette (Miss/Women)

Dress, Outing circa 1956 (Miss/Women)

Drovers Coat

Earp, Wyatt

Eddard Stark

Edwardian period Cloaks (Miss/Womens)

Edwardian period Dress (Adult)

Edwardian period Wedding Gown (Miss)

Edwardian period Underwear (Lady's)

Eleanor of Aquitaine (Miss/Womens)

Elephant Baby (Child)

Elf, Christmas

Elf Lord (Adult)

Elf Maiden (Adult)

Elf Warrior (Adult)

Elizabethan Courtier

Elizabethan Courtier (Miss)

Elizabeth I and Sir Walter Raleigh (Couple)

Elrond- Lord of the Rings(Men)

Elsa, Frozen


Elvis (Adult)

Elvis wig

Emma Barnaby

Emma Peel (The Avengers)

Eowyn - Lord of the Rings (Adult)

Esmeralda The Gypsy Maid (Adult)

Euterpe Greek Muse (Juniors/Miss/Womens)

Evening Dress, circa 1861 (Miss)

Evening Gown, circa 1870 (Juniors/Miss/Womens)

Evening Dress, circa 1912 (Miss)

Evening Dress, circa 1930 (Miss)

Evening Dress, circa 1931 (Miss)

Evening Dress, circa 1935 (Miss/Womens)

Evening Dress, circa 1940 (Miss/Womens)

Evening Dress, circa 1947 (Miss)

Evening Dress, circa 1956

Evening Gown, circa 1952 (Miss/Women)

Evening Gown, circa 1956 (Miss/Women)

Evening Gown, circa 1957 (Miss)

Faerie (Adult)

Fairy (Adult)

Fairy (Child)

Fairy Princess (Infant/Toddler)

Fairy Princess (Child)

Fannie Porter

Fantastic, Mr (Fantastic Four)

Father Christmas, circa 1848

Fawkes, Guy


Flamenco (Miss)


Flapper Dress, circa 1920

Flapper Daydress, circa 1925 (Miss)



Flemish Renaissance Gown (Miss)

Flower Fairy (Child)

Folklorico Dancer (Miss/Women)

Folklorico Dancer (Girl)

Fool (Adult)

Formal Gown, circa 1952 (Miss/Women)

Four Seasons (Child)

Franklin, Benjamin; circa 1776

French Courtier (Miss/Women)

French Field Marshall (Men)

French Maid (Adult)

Frock Coat (Adult)

Frontier Boy (Child)

Frontier Miss (Child)

Frozen, Anna

Frozen, Elsa

Funky Cat (Girl)

Funky Space Chick (Girl)


Gamal, Samia

Gandalf (Adult)

Gay Nineties Walking Dress (Adult)

Genie (Adult)

Genie, I Dream of

Genie (Girl)

George Washington

Georgian Coat-dress, circa 1809 (Miss)

Georgian Daydress, circa 1760 (Miss)

Georgian Douillette, circa 1809 (Miss)

Georgian Suit, circa 1760 (Men)

Ghengis Khan (Child)

Ghengis Khan (Men)

Ghost of Christmas Future (Child)

Girl Next Door - circa 1960

Girl on Fire

Girls Dress - circa 1862

Girls Renaissance Dress

Girls Vintage Civil War dress - 1861 (Girl)

Girls Winter Renaissance Gown

Girl With the Pearl Earring (Adult)

Glenda,Good Witch of the North - Wizard of OZ (Child)

Grace Kelly Wedding 1956

Greek Girl (Girl)

Greek Goddess (Juniors/Miss/Womens)

Greek Nobleman (Mens)

Greek Noblewoman (Miss)

Greek Slave Girl (Adult)

Grim Reaper (Adult)

Guy Fawkes

Guinevere (Miss)

Gypsy (Adult)

Gypsy Girl (Girl)

Gypsy (Miss)

Halter Top and Shorts circa 1960 (Juniors/Misses/Women)

Hakama (Adult)

Hanbok (Misses/Women)

Hannah Montana (Girl)

Harem Dancer (Girl)

Harem Dancer (Juniors/Womens)

Harem Girls (Miss/Women's)

Hats, Medieval

Hats, Renaissance

Hats 1600-1800

Hats 1800-1860

Hats 1860-Present

Hatshepsut (Adult)

Henry Higgins

Henry V (Men)

Hercules - Megara

Highwayman (Men)

Hippy (Girls)

Hobbit (Child)

Holmes, Sherlock

Howe, Julia Ward

I Dream of Jeannie

Indian, North American Brave

Indian, American (Girls, Misses)

Indiana Jones

Infantry man c. 1861 (Adult)

Ingalls, Mary (Girl)

Ingalls Wilder, Laura (Girl)

Inigo Montoya - The Princess Bride (Adult)

Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four)

Italian Courtier, circa 1480 (Adult)

Jacket, circa 1940 (Miss)

Jacket Dress, circa 1938 (Miss)

Jane Jetson

Japanese Farmers Outfit

Jeannie, I Dream of

Jedi Padawan (Child)

Jemima Trevalyn

Jester (Adult)

Jetson, Jane

Jetson, Judy

Joseph (Adult)

Josephine Bonaparte

Judy Jetson

Julia Ward Howe (Adult)

Juliet (Adult)

Julius Caesar (Adult)

Kamashino - Japanese (Adult)

Kataginu (Adult)

Keystone Cop

Killer Bee

Kimono (Miss/Womens)

Kimono (Child)

Kinsale Cloak (Girl)

Kinsale Cloak (Miss/Women)

Knight (Child)

Kubla Khan (Adult)

Lady Bug (Infant/Toddler)

Lady Capulet (Adult)

Lady Mary Crawley

Lady Montague (Adult)

Ladys Underwear circa 1930

Laura Croft (Adult)

Laura Ingalls Wilder (Girl)

Leather Armor

Legolas - Lord of the Rings (Adult)

Lestat the Vampire (Adult)

Lily Langtry, circa 1885 (Miss)

Lincoln, Abe

Lion Baby (Infant/Toddler)

Little Bear

Little Boys Vintage Suit - 1908 (Child)

Little Devil (Child)

Little Green Bug (Infant/Toddler)

Little Guinevere (Infant/Toddler)

Little Lion

Little Mermaid

Little Miss Rosebud

Little Pig

Little Red Riding Hood (Misses)

Little Stinker Skunk (Infant/Toddler)

Little Witch (Infant/Toddler)

Lone Ranger (50s TV)

Lone Ranger (Formal style)

Louis XVI Chemise (Adult)

Louis XVI Corset(Adult)

Louis XVI Daydress (Girl)

Louis XVI Dress (Miss/Womens)

Louis XVI Hoop(Adult)

Louis XVI Petticoat(Adult)

Louis XVI Underwear(Adult)

Mad Hatter Miss (Adult)

Madam, Texas (circa 1880)

Mardi Gras Gown (Child)

Marechal de France (Napoleonic) (Adult)

Marie Antoinette Ballgown

Marie Antoinette (Adult)

Marie Antoinette (Girl)

Marilyn Monroe in Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Marilyn Monroe in Seven Year Itch

Mary (Adult)

Mary Crawley

Mary Ingalls (Girl)

Mayor of Munchkinland (Child)

Medieval Dress (Miss/Womens)

Medieval Girl (Child)

Medieval King (Mens)

Medieval Peasant Woman (Miss/Womens)

Medieval Peasant Man (Mens)

Medieval Poet (Mens)

Medieval Princess (Girl)

Medieval Warriors Accessories

Megara, Hercules

Melchior - The Magi (Adult)

Mellisa Rogue (Steampunk)

Mens Suit c. 1812 (Adult)

Merchants Daughter, Renaissance (Miss/Women)

Merida the Brave

Merlin (Adult)

Michiyuki (Adult)

Minstrel (Adult)

Minstrel (Mens)

Misses Coat c. 1953

Misses Cocktail Dress c. 1957

Misses Daydress c. 1953

Misses Robe c. 1943

Misses Suit 1935

Misses Suit 1945

Misses Suit 1947

Misses Sundress 1940

Misses Sundress 1953

Miss Fantasy Bo Peep (Adult)

Miss Firecracker (Girls)

Miss Swan (Miss/Womens)

Mistress of the Dark Elvira

Model T Duster (Men/Women)

Mongol (Adult)

Morgana Le Fey (Miss)

Morpheus - The Matrix (Adult)

Morticia (Miss/Women)

Motley (Adult)

Moulin Rouge Dancer(Adult)

Mozart (Child)

Mrs. Clause (Miss)

Musketeer (Child)

My Little Senorita (Girl)

Neo - The Matrix (Adult)

Neo - The Matrix (Child)

Napoleon Bonaparte (Mens)

Nellie Bly

Nepalese Blouse (Miss/Women)

Nun (Adult)

Nurse (Adult)

Obi Wan - Padawan (Child)

Obi Wan (Adult)

Overcoat, circa 1920 (Miss/Women)


Padme Amidala

Parka (Men/Women/Children)

Parker, Bonnie

Party Outfit, circa 1860 (Men)

Patriot, American Revolutionary

Paul Revere, circa 1776

Peasant Man, Renaissance (Mens)

Peel, Emma (The Avengers)


Pet Costumes

Peter Cottontail (Child)

Phantom of the Opera (Adult)

Pilgrim (Miss)

Pippi Longstocking

Pirate (Child)

Pirate Captain(Child)

Pirate Chic (Adult)

Pirate Girl (Child)

Pirate Queens (Adult)

Pirate Wench (Adult)

Pirate of the Caribbean (Adult)

Pirate Wench (Miss)

Playdress, circa 1948 (Toddler)

Pocket Hoop, Louis XVI(Adult)

Poet Shirts (Adult)

Porter, Fannie

Prairie Girl (Child)

Praire Pioneer Daydress, circa 1870 (Miss)

Prairie Style Victorian Dress (Miss/Womens)

Pretty Princesses (Girl)

Prince Albert Frock Coat (Adult)

Prince Albert Vest (Adult)

Princess Anna

Princess Elsa

Princess Leia (Adult)

Princess Leia (Child)

Princess Leia Slave

Pumpkin Baby (Infant)

Puritan (Miss)

Queen of Hearts (Short)(Misses/Womens)

Queen of Hearts (Long)(Misses/Womens)

Queen of Hearts (Girls)

Race Driver Couple

Red Riding Hood (Adult)

Red Riding Hood (Child)

Referee Couple (Men/Women)

Reformation Cutie (Miss)

Regency Douillette, circa 1809

Regency Gown

Regency Man about town (Adult)

Regency Mens Waistcoat (Adult)

Renaissance Bridal Dress

Renaissance Chemise and Underpinnings (Adult)

Renaissance Doublets (Mens)

Renaissance Factors Daughter (Adult)

Renaissance Miss (Girl)

Renaissance Musician

Renaissance Peasant Girl (Miss/Womens)

Renaissance Peasant Man (Mens)

Renaissance Servant Girl (Miss)

Retro Clothing - Girls Separates 1970 Pants (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Juniors 1970 Pants (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1960 Blouse (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1960 Dress (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1961 Dress (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1971 Bikini Sizzler (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1970 Pantsuit (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1970 Tops (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1972 Coordinates (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1972 Dress (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1972 Pantsuit (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1972 Tops (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1972 Wedding Gown (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1973 Dress (Miss/Womens)

Robin (The Boy Wonder)

Robin Hood (Adult)

Russian Settler (Miss/Women)

Sailor (Men)

Sailor Girl (Miss)

Saloon Girl (Girls)

Samia Gamal

Samurai (Child)

Sansa Stark

Santa Ana

Santa Clause (Adult)

Santa Girl (Girl)

Santa Wig

Saucy Ladies

Scarecrow - Wizard of OZ (Child)

Scarlet OHara - Green Portier Gown (Adult)


Schoolmarm (Girls)

Schoolmarm (Miss/Womens)

Scottish Lassie (Adult)

Sexy Liz

Shell jacket military c. 1861 (Mens)

Shepherd (Adult)

Sherlock Holmes


Shieldmaiden (Adult)

Shoes and Boots

Sir Francis Drake (Adult)

Sir Walter Raliegh (Adult)

Slave girl, Princess Leia

Sleeping Beauty(Infant/Toddler)

Snow Queen (Adult)

Sorcerer (Adult)

Southern Belle Wedding Gown (Miss/Womens)

Spanish Senorita, circa 1820 (Girl)

Spectator Coat, circa 1920

Speed Racer

Spirit of Christmas Past

Spirit of Christmas Present, circa 1848 (Men)

Spring Coat, circa 1939 (Miss/Women)

Spring - The Four Seasons (Child)

Spring Walking Ensemble c. 1955 (Miss/Women)

Star Fleet Uniform Tunic, Original Series (Miss/Mens)

Starks see: Arya, Eddard, Sansa,

Statue of Liberty

Steam punk character: Emma Barnaby

Steam punk character: Jemima Trevalyn

Steam punk character: Violet Stubbs


Suit, circa 1930 (Miss/Women)

Suit, circa 1950 (Miss)

Summer - The Four Seasons (Child)

Sun Dress, circa 1947 (Miss/Women)


Swashbuckler Sal (Child)

Swashbuckling Ladies (Adult)

Sweeney Todd

Swim suit c. 1890 (Juniors/Miss/Womens)

Swiss Miss (Adult)

Syrian Dress (Miss/Women)

Tailored Dress c. 1933 (Juniors/Miss/Womens)

Teadress, circa 1912 (Miss/Women)

Teadress, circa 1957 (Miss/Women)

Theoden - Lord of the Rings (Adult)

Thing 1 & Thing 2

Thorin Oakenshield

Tinkerbell (Infant/Toddler)

The Tin Man - Wizard of OZ(Child)

Titanic Passenger (Miss)

Toddler Baboon (Child)

Toddler Elf (Toddler)

Toddler Gingerbread Man (Toddler)

Toddler Pirate (Toddler)

Toddler Reindeer (Toddler)

Toddler Snowman (Toddler)

Tonto, Legendary character

Trim examples


Underwear, Louis XVI

Underwear, Victorian

Union Officer, US Civil War, circa 1861 (Adult)

Uncle Sam

V for Vendetta

Vampire (Child)

Vampire Lord (Adult)

Victorian Corset(Adult)

Victorian Dress with Bell Sleeves (Miss/Womens)

Victorian Christmas Caroler(Mens)

Victorian Christmas Caroler(Miss)

Victorian Hoop(Adult)

Victorian Party Ensemble (Girls)

Victorian Petticoat(Adult)

Vitorian Underwear (Adult)

Victorian Wedding Gown (Miss/Womens)

Vietnamese Ao Dai

Walking Dress, circa 1950 (Miss/Women)

Warrior King (Adult)

Waistcoat mens c. 1812 (Adult)

Wedding, Flower Girl (Girl)

Wedding Gown, Cheongsam (Miss/Women)

Wedding Gown, circa 1893 (Miss/Womens)

Wedding Gown, circa 1899 (Miss/Womens)

Wedding Gown, circa 1929 (Miss/Womens)

Wedding Gown, circa 1930 (Miss/Womens)

Wedding Gown, circa 1939 (Miss/Womens)

Wedding Gown, circa 1956 (Miss/Womens)

Wedding Gown, circa 1956 Grace Kelly

Wedding Gown, Renaissance (Miss/Women)

Wedding Gown, Renaissance Style(Miss/Women)

Wedding Gown, circa 1885 (Miss/Womens)

Wednesday Addams

Witch Girl (Girl)

White Witch (Girls)

Wicked Queen

Wicked Witch of the West - Wizard of OZ (Child)

Wigs for Historical Costume

Willie Wonka (Adult)


Wizard (Adult)

Wonderwoman (70s TV)

Wonderwoman (40s Vintage)

Woodsman (Child)

Wyatt Earp

X-men Storm (Junior,Miss,Women)

Zorro (Child)

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