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Historical Costumes

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Abe Lincoln

Afghani Dress (traditional)

American Indian (Girls, Misses)

American (North) Indian Brave

American Indian, (TV)

American Shaman Headdress

American Indian Ghost Shirt

Ancient Greek Maiden (Child)

Ancient Greek Slave (Miss)

Anne Boleyn

Annie Oakley (Miss)

Ao Dai (Miss)

Aphrodite Greek Goddess (Juniors/Miss/Womens)


Australian Bush Outfit (Adult)

Australian Drovers Coat (Adult)

Baby Layette (circa 1940)

Bali Dancer (Miss)

Ballgown, circa 1750 (Adult)

Ballgown, circa 1862 (Adult)

Bard (Mens)

Barton, Clara

Bathing Costume c. 1890 (Juniors/Miss/Womens)

Belgian Chef (Adult)

Benjamin Franklin, circa 1776

Bess Throckmorton (Miss/Women)

Billy the Kid (Adult)

Boleyn, Anne

Bolivian Milkmaid (Miss)

Bonnie Parker

Boy's Suit, circa 1908 (Boy)

Caesar (Adult)

Cancan Dancer (Adult)

Carhop, circa 1962 (Child)

Carhop (Adult)

Cavalier (Adult)

Charles Goodnight

Charles the Fair

Chinese Cheongsam (Miss)

Chinese Jackets (Adult)

Chisum, Jesse

Christening Gown, circa 1948 (Infant)

Civil War Era Camisole (Adult)

Civil War Era Chemise (Adult)

Civil War Era Corset (Adult)

Civil War Era Hoop (Adult)

Civil War Era Petticoat (Adult)

Civil War Era Daydress 1861 (Girl)

Civil War Era Daydress 1861 (Miss)

Civil War Soldier - American Union or Confererate (Adult)

Civil War Uniform - American Union Caped Greatcoat (Adult)

Clanton, Ike (Mens)

Clara Barton

Clara Bow


Cleopatra wig

Cloache Hat, circa 1925

Clyde Barrow

Coat, circa1920 (Miss)

Cocktail Dress, circa 1948

Cocktail Dress, circa 1952 (Miss)

Cocktail Dress, circa 1957 (Miss/Women)

Cocktail Dress,(2) circa 1957 (Miss/Women)

Colonial Daydress, circa 1770 (Miss)

Colonial Daydress, circa 1750 (Miss)

Colonial Traveling Costume, circa 1760 (Miss)

Cora Crawley

Countess of Grantham

Cowboy Duster (Adult)

Davy Crockett

Daydress, Regency

Daydress, circa 1809

Daydress, circa 1850-1870 (Girl)

Daydress, circa 1890 (Miss/Women)

Daydress, Edwardian (Miss/Women)

Daydress, circa 1920 (Miss/Women)

Daydress, circa 1925 (Miss/Women)

Daydress, circa 1939 (Miss)

Daydress, circa 1940 (Miss)

Daydress, Miss Chic circa 1940 (Miss)

Daydress, circa 1946 (Miss/Women)

Daydress, circa 1951

Daydress, circa 1953 (Miss/Women)

Daydress, circa 1954 (Miss)

Daydress, circa 1957 (Miss/Women)

Daydress, circa 1960 (Miss/Women)

Demeter Greek Goddess (Juniors/Miss/Womens)

Dickensian Miss

Doublets, Renaissance (Adult)

Douillette (Miss/Women)

Dress, Outing circa 1956 (Miss/Women)

Drovers Coat (Adult)

Earp, Wyatt

Edwardian period Cloaks (Miss/Womens)

Edwardian period Dress (Adult)

Edwardian period Wedding Gown (Miss)

Edwardian period Underwear (Lady's)

Elizabethan Courtier (Men)

Elizabethan Courtier (Miss)

Elizabeth I and Sir Walter Raleigh (Couple Costume)

Euterpe Greek Muse (Juniors/Miss/Womens)

Evening Dress, circa 1861 (Miss)

Evening Gown, circa 1870 (Juniors/Miss/Womens)

Evening Dress, circa 1912 (Miss)

Evening Dress, circa 1930 (Miss)

Evening Dress, circa 1931 (Miss)

Evening Dress, circa 1935 (Miss/Womens)

Evening Dress, circa 1940 (Miss/Womens)

Evening Dress, circa 1947 (Miss)

Evening Dress, circa 1956

Evening Gown, circa 1952 (Miss)

Evening Gown, circa 1956 (Miss/Women)

Evening Gown, circa 1957 (Miss/Women)

Fannie Porter, circa 1880

Fawkes, Guy

Flapper Dress (Miss)

Flemish Renaissance Gown (Miss)

Folklorico Dancer, Jalisco (Miss/Women)

Folklorico Dancer, Tabasco (Child)

Formal Gown, circa 1952 (Miss)

French Marshall (Adult)

Frontier Boy (Child)

Frontier Miss (Child)

George Washington

Georgian Corset (Adult)

Georgian Hoop (Adult)

Georgian Ladys Underpinnings (Adult)

Georgian Suit, circa 1760 (Men)

Georgian Daydress, circa 1760 (Miss)

Ghengis Kahn (Adult)

Ghengis Kahn (Child)

Girl Next Door - circa 1960

Girls Dress - circa 1862

Girls Renaissance Dress

Girls Vintage Civil War dress - 1861

Girls Winter Renaissance Gown

Girl With the Pearl Earring (Adult)

Grace Kelly Wedding 1956

Greek Goddess (Juniors/Miss/Womens)

Guy Fawkes

Hakama (Adult)

Halter Tops and Shorts circa 1960 (Junior/Miss/Women)

Hatshepsut, Pharoh (Miss/Women)

Henry Higgins

Henry V (Men)

Hippy (Girls)

Howe, Julia Ward

Indian (Men)

Indian (Miss)

Infantry man c. 1861 (Adult)

Ingalls, Mary (Girl)

Ingalls Wilder, Laura

Jacket, circa 1940 (Miss/Women)

Jacket Dress, circa 1938 (Miss/Women)

Jester (Adult)

John Wesley Hardin

Josephine Bonaparte (Miss/Women)

Julia Ward Howe (Adult)

Juliet (Adult)

Julius Caesar (Adult)

Kamashino (Adult)

Kataginu (Adult)

Kimono (Child)

Kimono (Miss)

Kinsale Cloak (Child)

Kinsale Cloak (Miss/Women)

Kubla Khan (Adult)

Lady Capulet (Adult)

Lady Mary Crawley

Lady Montague (Adult)

Ladys 1809 Bonnet

Ladys 1809 Cap

Ladys 1925 Cloache Hat

Ladys 1930 Pillbox Hat (Adult)

Ladys 1930 Cap with Net Veil (Adult)

Ladys 1932 Pillbox with Feather (Adult)

Ladys 1934 Spout Hat (Adult)

Ladys 1944 Flying Bird Hat (Adult)

Ladys 1944 Giant Tam Hat (Adult)

Ladys 1944 Moulded Felt Hat (Adult)

Ladys 1944 Turban (Adult)

Ladys 1946 Slouch Hat (Adult)

Ladys Colonial Bonnet, circa 1760

Ladys Edwardian Hat (Adult)

Ladys Renaissance Cap with Veil (Adult)

Ladys Renaissance Cap wth Strap (Adult)

Ladys Renaissance Crown Cap with Veil (Adult)

Lady's tall hennin & veil

Ladys Underwear circa 1930

Laura Ingalls Wilder (Girls)

Leather Armor

Lily Langtry

Lincoln, Abe

London Constable (Adult)

Louis XVI Daydress, circa 1760 (Miss)

Louis XVI Chemise (Adult)

Louis XVI Corset (Adult)

Louis XVI Hoop (Adult)

Louis XVI Ladys Pannier (Adult)

Louis XVI Ladys Underpinnings (Adult)

Louis XVI wig (Girls)

Marie Antoinette Ballgown

Marie Antoinette (Girl)

Marie Antoinette (Miss)

Marilyn Monroe in Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Marilyn Monroe in Seven Year Itch

Mary Crawley

Mary Ingalls (Girl)

Medieval Cleric (Adult)

Medieval Courtier (Adult)

Medieval Dress (Miss/Womens)

Medieval Girl (Child)

Medieval Gown (Girl)

Medieval Jester

Medieval King (Mens)

Medieval long hood

Medieval Peasant Woman (Miss/Womens)

Medieval Peasant Man (Mens)

Medieval Poet (Mens)

Medieval Priest (Adult)

Medieval Princess (Girl)

Medieval Warriors Accessories

Mens Musketeer Hat, circa 1740

Mens Renaissance Cap (Adult)

Mens Soft Italian Renaissance Cap (Adult)

Mens Suit c. 1812 (Adult)

Michiyuki (Adult)

Minstrel (Adult)

Minstrel (Mens)

Misses Coat c. 1953

Misses Cocktail Dress c. 1957

Misses Daydress c. 1953

Misses Robe c. 1943

Misses Suit 1935

Misses Suit 1945

Misses Suit 1947

Misses Sundress 1940

Misses Sundress 1953

Model T Duster (Miss/Women, Men)

Mongol (Adult)

Mozart (Child)

Nate Love

Nellie Bly

Nepalese Blouse (Miss/Women)

Overcoat, circa 1920 (Miss)

Parka (Adult)

Party Dress (circa 1940)

Paul Revere, circa 1776


Playdress, circa 1948 (Toddler)

Porter, Fannie

Prince Albert Frock Coat (Adult)

Prince Albert Vest (Adult)


Quipao (Miss)

Regency Bonnet, circa 1809

Regency Cap, circa 1809

Regency Chemise (Miss)

Regency Daydress

Regency Fichu (Miss)

Regency Gown

Regency Gown (Miss)

Regency Man about town (Adult)

Regency Mens Waistcoat (Adult)

Regency Stays (Miss)

Regency Underwear (Miss)

Renaissance Bodice (Adult)

Renaissance Chemise and Underpinnings (Adult)

Renaissance Corset (Adult)

Renaissance Courtier (Adult)

Renaissance Courtier Deluxe (Adult)

Renaissance Doublet (Adult)

Renaissance Factors Daughter (Adult)

Renaissance Gown (Girl)

Renaissance Hats (Adult)

Renaissance Ladys Separates (Adult)

Renaissance Musician

Renaissance Servant Girl (Miss)

Renaissance Skirt (Adult)

Renaissance Sleepwear (Adult)

Retro Clothing - Girls Separates 1970 Pants (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Juniors 1970 Pants (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1928 Dress (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1940 Suit (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1942 Blouse(Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1948 Dress (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1950 Suit (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1952 Suit (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1960 Blouse (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1960 Dress (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1961 Dress (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1971 Bikini Sizzler (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1970 Pantsuit (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1970 Tops (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1972 Coordinates (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1972 Dress (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1972 Pantsuit (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1972 Tops (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1972 Wedding Gown (Miss/Womens)

Retro Clothing - Misses 1973 Dress (Miss/Womens)

Roman Tunic and Wrap(Adult)

Roman Tunic, Off Shoulder (Adult)

Roman Matrons Tunic and Palla (Adult)

Russian Settler (Miss,Women)

Saloon Girl (Girls)

Samia Gamal

Samuel Adams, circa 1776

Samurai (Child)

Santa Ana (Adult)

Schoolmarm (Girls)

Shell jacket military c. 1861 (Mens)

Sherlock Holmes, circa 1878 (Adult)

Sir Francis Drake (Adult)

Sir Walter Raliegh (Adult)

Spanish Mantilla

Spanish Senorita, circa 1820 (Girl)

Spectator Coat, circa 1920 (Miss)

Spring Coat, circa 1939 (Miss/Women)

Spring Walking Ensemble c. 1955 (Miss/Women)

Suit, circa 1930 (Miss/Women)

Suit, circa 1950 (Miss/Women)

Sun Dress, circa 1947 (Miss/Women)

Swim suit c. 1890 (Juniors/Miss/Womens)

Syrian Dress (Miss,Women)

Tailored Dress c. 1933 (Juniors/Miss/Womens)

Teadress, circa 1912 (Miss/Women)

Teadress, circa 1957 (Miss/Women)

Texas Ranger, circa 1870

Toddler Playdress, circa 1948 (Toddler)


Victorian Camisole 1861(Adult)

Victorian Chemise 1861 (Adult)

Victorian Christmas Caroler(Mens)

Victorian Christmas Caroler(Miss)

Victorian Corset 1861 (Adult)

Victorian Dress 1861

Victorian Hoop 1861 (Adult)

Victorian Petticoat 1861 (Adult)

Victorian Underwear (Adult)

Vietnamese Ao Dai (Miss)

Waistcoat mens c. 1812 (Adult)

Walking Dress, circa 1890 (Miss/Women)

Walking Dress, circa 1950 (Miss/Women)

Wedding Gown, Renaissance (Miss/Women)

Wedding Gown, Renaissance Style(Miss/Women)

Wedding Gown, circa 1885 (Miss/Womens)

Wedding Gown, circa 1893 (Miss/Womens)

Wedding Gown, circa 1899 (Miss/Womens)

Wedding Gown, circa 1929 (Miss/Womens)

Wedding Gown, circa 1930 (Miss/Womens)

Wedding Gown, circa 1939 (Miss/Womens)

Wedding Gown, circa 1956 (Miss/Womens)

Wyatt Earp

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