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Pressure Cookers/Canners
pressure cookers

Pressure canning is the only method considered safe for low acid foods by the USDA.  The superb craftsmanship of these tough cast aluminum cookers allows a steam tight metal to metal seal with no gasket to warp or crack.   250 degrees at 15lb per square inch guarantees bacteria kill.  Easy on-off cover.  Positive action clamping wing nuts permit easy open and close. Equipped with two automatic venting features, safety control valve and overpressure plug .  Includes cooking canning rack and instructions.

 Size: 10.5 quarts
Jar Capacity: 7 pints or 4 quarts 

 Size: 15.5 quarts
Jar Capacity: 10 pints or 7 quarts 

 Size: 21 quarts
Jar Capacity: 19 pints, 7 quarts , or 4 half gallons

 Size: 30 quarts
Jar Capacity: 19 pints, 14 quarts , or 4 half gallons

 Size: 41 quarts
Jar Capacity:  32 pints, 19 quarts , or 6 half gallons

presto pressure cooker
Pressure cookers by Presto provide safe canning or cooking at an affordable price.  The easy-to-read dial gauge and the cover lock allows accurate setting and pressure to build only when the cover is closed properly.  These models can also be used for water bath canning.  Units are made of warp-resistant aluminum and are suitable for use on regular and smooth top ranges. Includes rack and complete instruction book.

Size: 18 quarts
Jar Capacity:  10 pints or  7 quarts 

Size: 23 quarts
Jar Capacity:  19 pints, 7 quarts , or 4 half gallons

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